Sarah Rubin

“Nevertheless, She Persisted” Postcard Campaign, 2017

In February, my friend Bree quoted Elizabeth Warren’s beautiful reprimand in her special TypeBree font for Instagram; I was inspired to create a solution-focused and heart-centered campaign in the context of the intensely negative political climate. With Bree’s permission, I printed 1000 postcards and distributed them to 20 local, women-owned businesses in Portland, plus one in Brooklyn, New York, for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, March 2017. My initial thought was to sell them to raise money for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, but I discovered that there were so many asks happening and that people were overwhelmed, so I chose to keep the energy focused on the action of sending pink postcards to inspiring women. In March, this solo grassroots campaign shared through my Portland is for Dreamers Instagram, led to requests from individuals and businesses to print 1000 more, in totality sending 2000 pretty pink postcards to women everywhere. I made an initial donation of $500 to Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund, collected from a few individuals and businesses and Lille Boutique continues their support today, selling postcards for $2, with all proceeds going to PPACT.

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