Sarah Rubin

Blue Moon Fund audit report, blog post and tip sheet, Resource Media, 2013

As a fellow at Resource Media, a nonprofit communications firm, I helped execute a media audit and analysis on Appalachian coal, synthesizing dozens of news and blog articles into a few paragraphs with representative quotes and links. For this project, I worked with Resource Media and the client, Blue Moon Fund, to identify a series of search terms based on their goals of understanding the news and online conversation about the energy transition underway in Central Appalachia. Then I developed a series of queries for use in Crimson Hexagon, a media analysis platform. I scanned all of the coverage, identified key storylines and angles, and worked with the project lead to help write this report. During my fellowship there, I also blogged on Instagram, and developed tip sheets for nonprofits interested in using Vine, Instagram or Pinterest to tell their stories.

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